Marine Services

Al Hikmah Group is a leading Marine Man Power Sub contractor in UAE and in Middle East specializing in dredging; marine engineering and offshore projects (offshore construction, oil & gas).

We have been in this Industry for 15 years, helping to create the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. The company has its roots in the costal belts of Kerala , India . Over six decades of Marine Industry exposure has given us adequate expertise in marine and allied sectors. The knowledge, exposure, diverse skills and the technical know how we have acquired over the past successful years is the best what we can offer to our domestic and international clients.

The growing world population needs more space and the demand for energy is rising constantly. Increasing world trade requires more and better port facilities and climate change is threatening coastal areas.

Al Hikmah Group (Manpower Subcontractor) provides innovative solutions for these worldwide maritime challenges, both now and for the future.

Al Hikmah Group, operating Middle east & India, is specialized in supplying manpower for dredging and land reclamation, rock placing, trenching, rock dumping for oil and gas related offshore pipeline projects, quay walls, marine related projects, civil engineering and large-scale environmental remediation projects, with an excellent reputation in Dubai projects (Palm Jumerah, Logo Islands, Dubai Maritime City, Palm Deira, Palm Jebel Ali, Water Front, World Islands, Coe Canal, Mamzar Island etc).

Al Hikmah is a UAE-based private sector company, which is characterized by visible leadership, long-term vision and a sound financial position. Substantial investments in people and equipment are made with great care to ensure the continuity of our business. Our staffs are committed, entrepreneurial professionals who are passionate about water and technology. They know the importance of cooperation in achieving the best possible result. By being open and honest, they build on mutual trust and respect.

Specialties in Supplying Manpower

Dredging, Offshore, Marine contracting, Engineering, Marine infrastructure, Land infrastructure, Coastal reconstruction, Land reclamation, Offshore wind park installation, Offshore pipeline, Sub sea rock installation, Rock Placing, Trenching, Rock Dumping, quay walls, marine related projects, civil engineering, large-scale environmental remediation projects

Dredging for Harbors & Waterways

Dredging for Land Reclamation

Constructing Artificial Islands

Beach & Foreshore Replenishment

Environmental Dredging

Dike & Revetment Construction

Building (Offshore) Breakwaters

Groynes and Quay walls

Vertical Drainage

Deep Compaction

Drilling & Blasting

Asst Surveyor (Topography) Sandfill & Breakwaters

Asst Surveyor (Total Station) Quay Wall

Chain Man

Survey Boat Driver


Laith Works

Welding & Fabrication

Mechanic, Oiler & Greaser

Excavation and Backfill to Specifications

Demolition and Removal of any Structures

Clearing, Grubbing, Grading & Site Restoration

Landfill Caps and Covers

Surface and/or Sub-Surface Earthwork

Site Development